Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fourth of July may be my Favorite Holiday- and a Great Children's Book

They loved illustrating their own 4th of July books!

This book is in Spanish and English, and the students loved it!

When a postcard arrives from Uncle Chente saying that he will visit on the Fourth of July, the Cardenas family happily awaits his visit. They plan a picnic with an array of Tejano food, ideal for a Texas picnic, and then they plan the decorations. The only thing they can't plan is the weather.
Just before Uncle Chente arrives, mother nature threatens to rain out all their summer fun. The kids panic at the prospect of Uncle Chente's arrival on a rainy day. But, the kids soon discover that it takes more than a summer thunderstorm to ruin a beautiful day of fun-filled stories and time spent together.
In the tradition of their previous collaboration, Family, Famiia, illustrator Pauline Rodriguez Howard and Gonzales Bertrand bring children aged 3 to 7 a story about family bonds so strong that even a rainy day makes the perfect picnic.

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  1. How fun! I bet the students had a great time. And it really is a great holiday! Do you have any activities for other holidays during the school year?