Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Abe Lincoln's Favorite Cake

Abraham Lincoln’s favorite cake was a white almond cake. The other day, I showed the kids in my reading group this recipe, and they asked, “ So are we going to bake a birthday cake for him?” I actually had an angel food cake mix at home, and some almond flavoring, so without divulging my shortcut, I showed up with a birthday cake for Abe on February 12th! 
  We read the recipe, and discussed the ingredients, and made a vocabulary list. I wrote some phrases for the baking process on the board. Before the kids could cut the cake and celebrate, their writing task was to list the ingredients and write directions for baking Abraham Lincoln’s favorite cake!
  There is nothing cuter, and more genuine, than to read a child’s perspective of cooking! But I also think children who struggle with writing are more comfortable and engaged when they write for a reason. And what better reason than Abe Lincoln’s cake!

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  1. I love this idea! Sounds like a great lesson! :)

    Jenn Larson
    The Teacher Next Door