Saturday, September 21, 2013

Update~ How to Be a Resource Specialist!

I am updating this manual as the school year progresses. I have found that older kids really take ownership of getting their work done, if they have a checklist to fill out and then check off their assignments and activities as they complete them! These are included in my updated manual~

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  1. I love your blog design! I always look to see who the designer is when I like blogs, and Ruby Slippers is the lady who made my design as well! I added the Resource Specialist packet to my TPT wishlist!! It looks like it will have some useful resources. I'm glad I found you! I'm going to add you to my sped blog list on my blog. I've also started having guest bloggers on my blog. I'd love to have you as a guest on my blog! There is a link on my page that you can fill out if you are interested! I hope to hear from you!

    Teaching with TLC,
    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs