Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to Be a Resource Specialist

I have been in Special Education since 1980----Yikes! My 18+ years as an elementary resource specialist at a diverse school with a 66% free and reduced lunch rate, have been a highlight in my life! Our school is a gem of a community/family/hub of learning. So, after a little health scare last year, I am back at the job I love, and I realize that I am in the position to impart some of my skills and experience. Thus, this manual is really coming along, and I should have it ready in a couple weeks!


  1. I only have 8 years' experience in special ed, so I'm looking forward to this manual!
    ~Amy Marie

  2. This past year was my first year as a resource teacher (before that I taught high school self-contained classes for 3 years). I'm going into my 2nd year as a resource teacher and can't wait to read this manual!