Sunday, May 19, 2013

No Tears....Summer reading should be fun!

I have seen lots of good intentions with summer reading plans....and that includes my own! My point in creating this booklet was that reading and writing has to be on-going and slightly fun. Some of our families are not literate, and I know too many kids who spend their summers on video games while parents are working two jobs. I really try to push the fun summer program at our wonderful public library too!


  1. This is great! You're right - too many kids (the ones in my class included) spend way too much time playing video games or on the computer. This activity will keep them up and writing. Love it!

    Debbie Singer
    Autism Educators, Inc.

  2. Those are great summer ideas! I just popped over to check out your blog and I love the gorgeous art projects your students have made! They are very talented.
    I'm your newest follower too!