Saturday, October 19, 2013

Behavior Expert- Not!!!

I have never considered behavior management my area of expertise, but I have learned a lot from all the specialists, teachers, and students I have met in the last 33 years. And have you noticed that behaviors are getting a bit escalated right now? Maybe we are getting into the school year enough, and really digging into the academics, thus causing at-risk students to fall apart!
I am really not into complicated behavior management systems, and I use a variety of tricks and tools. I developed a couple of simple charts to use in a journal to take home. The idea is a quick snapshot of the child's day, and simple to fill out by the paraeducator or the teacher at the very busy end of the day. Here's a peek:

These can be found in my manual: How to Be a Resource Specialist

Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkins are......

I found these great scribble pumpkins and the heading from Graphics from the Pond on TPT!
My amazing assistant made this glorious big pumpkin, and I made this simple open-ended writing activity to go with it! It is also fun that I have big windows opening to a courtyard on one side of my room, and everyone gets to see!